Thursday, January 03, 2013

Investing For Your Future

Why do the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer? Is it true in your case? In the Philippines, it looks like the concept is true. It became clearer to me when I ventured into investing in the Stock Market.

About the last quarter of 2012, I decided to try the stock market and prove that what my mentor, Bo Sanchez, says is really working. He said, he taught his maids how to invest in the stock market and they are successful! I thought, if his maid can invest, there's no reason I can't.

So I took the step and went to attend a seminar at COL Financials at the PSE Building in Ortigas Avenue. What I discovered was mind boggling and it convinced me that it is the right thing to do.

You probably thought that stock market is a complex investment fitted only for the "rich". You'll be surprised. The Stock market is where the rich gets richer. So I want to be there too. And you know what? COL Financials made it easy to understand and it made investing in the Stock Market as easy as ABC.

Bo Sanchez further simplified it for you. If you become a member of the "Truly Rich Club".

So far, I can tell you that my investment at SM Prime Holdings is now giving me 13.80% return! Every month I invest P3,000 and it's been exciting so far.

I recommend that you visit Truly Rich Club first. You will learn more if you join me in the Truly Rich Club. It's a big help to be a member, I tell you.

Why not check this out:

You will not regret it.

On your way to being debt-free,


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