This blog came as a result of my passion for personal finance and the challenge to improve my english writing skills. 
All of my posts and comments on this blog are strictly for entertainment purposes only.  I developed my passion for personal finance during my involvement with non-government organizations, which are helping the urban poor in our country. 
I am not a Certified Financial Planner, Accountant, or other professional involved in the financial services industry.  And I am not registered nor licensed to sell financial products. 
I strongly suggest you seek help of a financial advisor or, even better, a Certified Financial Planner in order to assist you in any financial planning.
I am just blogging about my passion. Should you decide to use any of my opinion, determine for yourself if they suit you or not. I hope that you benefit from reading the articles in this blog.


  1. Hi Jaime,

    I'm so happy i came across your blog, I am wondering if you have Dani Johnson's books, I can't purchase online cos i don't have credit card. Please let me know so i can have some of the books i needed. I'm a Christian and i want to buy books on Grooming the next generation for success to help the young people in my place and also the war on debt for the parents.

    Thank you so much. Hope to hear from you soon. God bless you!

    I'm Joyce from La Union.
    Mobile Number: 09286985446

    1. Hi Joyce,
      Sorry for the long wait and reply. You are one of the few Christians I know who are concern with helping the next generation. I am currently teaching financial management to our OFws and young people who are interested in financial concepts that will create wealth. If you're interested, and if you happen to come to Manila, please let me know. we can present the concept to you.