Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Choose To Make Your Money Make More Money

I am amazed at the response of people whenever I talk about "Managing Your Resources", a quick view of how people can create wealth through the resources God has given us.

I teach this lesson mostly to our workers going to Japan as interns under the JITCO/POEA program.

Their response? Their eyes brightens up and I feel hope starts to swell in their hearts!

Using Robert Kiyosaki's "Cash Flow Creating Wealth" and "Cash Flow Creating Poverty", they realized that it is possible for them to be millionaires if they can manage their money well by making "savings" a priority in their budget. Then, learn how to make their money make more money by "investing".

They don't teach this in school.

I'm sure you are also looking for ways to make your money make more money.

You can try what I did recently. Investing in the Stock market. I found that It was easy through Bo Sanchez' help, I was able to do it. Becoming a member of the "Truly Rich Club" gave me a lot of head start. Bo guides me every week on what stocks to buy and what to sell. Not only that, he gives a lot of inspirational messages from his mentors as well. You should be a member of Truly Rich Cub too.

Here are some ideas I am considering now for my money to make more money:
1. Becoming a member of the Sante Pure Barley family. I not only get to drink the Barley Juice, which helps me boosts my immune system and lower my blood pressure, I also get to earn money at the same time. Call me if you want to try this product.
2. My friend, Pastor Ralph, sold me to the idea of taking Vitamin C regularly. I agree, that at my age (secret), I needed to take Vitamin C daily. But not just any Vitamin C, it must be Excellen C. Why this product? Two reasons why: it is an Alkaline base Vitamin C, and the secondly, every time I take one, I help create a fund for the campaign of my dear friend, Bro. Eddie as a Senator of our beloved country.
If you are interested, call me.

You always have a choice. Choose to do something towards your financial freedom.

To your debt-free life,

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