Sunday, February 12, 2012

Use That Card Wisely

I have two kinds of card:  a credit card and a debit card. Both are from the same bank. I use my debit card for the following:
1, Grocery purchases
2. Shopping (on purpose) like when we bought a new gas stove the other day
3. Medicine purchases
4. Books and school supplies
On the other hand, I use my credit card for the following:
1, Representation Expenses (chargeable to my company)
2. Gasoline, when I have no cash on hand and I need to load
3. Planned eat-out with family and also friends (on purpose to get credit but paid immediately)

From my experience, I get into trouble when I use my credit card on unplanned purchases. Come pay time, I miss it since I have no budget for it.

I came across this article that suggests of 3 ways to use a credit card. A great help indeed.

The best option for me is to plan and budget and really stick to it. Doing so helps you get out of DEBT!

To our debt-free life,

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