Sunday, February 26, 2012

Save Money on Gas Tip

I have learned something new last week. Gas is a big part of my expense since I use my car (Corolla GLi) in all my travels. I am thankful for that car, a 1994 model, which I faithfully keep on top condition, thanks to my friend Chief Ruel of Exalta Car shop in Banawe, Quezon City.

Now back to my discovery. Usually when I fill my car with gas, I just let the gas attendant fill it up the way the used to do. They press on the "automatic" mode and let the pump to its work.
I learned that when they do that, the gas pumps the gasoline and the "air" together so I get less gasoline in effect.

My dear friend, Adel, shared with me that I can save money on my gasoline expenses by asking the gas attendant  to fill my car using the "pure" way or "Puro" in tagalog. The next time I went to my gas station, I asked the attendant to fill it pure. I noticed that they press the pump slowly and taking their time doing it.

What they are doing was making sure that no air or less air is mixed to the gasoline. To better imagine what I am saying, when I fill my car with a P1,000 gasoline, the "automatic" way takes less that 2 minutes. But when I request to fill my car the "pure" way, it takes them some 5 minutes to fill the same amount of gasoline.

As a result, I save money with more mileage added to my car somewhere in the vicinity of 20 kilometers.

Why not try it yourself and see how much you can save. Surely the savings will help you reduce your debts.

Here's to our debt-free life,


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