Friday, December 16, 2011

The Power of Words

The last leg of our tour was Shenzhen, China. From Hong Kong, we took a train to Lu Wo, the last station at the border of shenzhen, where our tour guide was waiting.

I can still remember, the words our tour agent from Hong Kong told us on the bus going to the train station. After briefing us on how we will go to Shenzhen, he briefed us on what to expect in Shenzen.

The warning he gave us was this: In Shenzen, there are many pickpockets. So we need to carry our bags in front of us, always. Also, we must not place our wallets in our back pant pockets. The pickpockets can get it in less than 2 minutes. Scary.
Susan, our tour guide in Shenzhen
I was thinking, why do we still need to go to Shenzen? If all we do will be to watch for our belongings. There would be no more time to enjoy the city and shopping at ease.

When we arrived at the shopping center, our local tour agent, Susan, told us the same thing before alighting from the bus. Gosh.

As a result, my wife and I went to a well known department store, which we felt was a safer place to shop. We spent our time going around the store instead of shopping outside where pickpockets would go.

Finally, after spending some time, we ventured out and went to other well known, branded stores. But in the end, we told ourselves, why not just wait for the others at the McDonalds while drinking coffee.

So we went to McDonalds.  Guess what? Lo and behold, we saw most of our team there too. They were waiting for us and avoided shopping by consoling themselves that the items they saw can also be bought in the Philippines anyway. We were all scared and avoiding the pickpockets.

You will appreciate the power of words. Sometimes we don’t realize that the words we say are powerful. If  our tour guides were able to sow fear in our hearts, we can do the same on a positive note. Their words, which created fear in our hearts, caused us to avoid the crowded places where pickpockets abound. This, however saved us some money. A blessing in disguise?

Words are powerful. Whenever we speak positive words, we are blessed. The Bible declares “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” The words we speak determines who we are.

So I say today, I am blessed to be a blessing. My best days are ahead of me. I am going to live a debt-free life! Fear has no place in my heart except the fear of God.

So be careful with what you say. What you declare will happen!

To your debt-free life,

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