Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Dream Come True

I would like to sincerely thank Manuel Viloria for featuring Debt Free Life Philippines in his very popular  Online Marketing Philippines

When I first joined Jomar Hilario's The Online Mentoring Club, Manny was one of those who made me feel welcome in the club and have encouraged me to blog.

When he made a challenge to feature my blog provided I write at least 5 (or more) original articles in my blog, I took it. I was excited because he is very popular in the blogging world. It pushed me to do something I couldn't do, to write articles.

I have not reached my goal yet, but with mentors like Manny Viloria and Jomar Hilario, I know I will achieve my goal of making money online and then helping others the way these guys are helping a lot of people now.

Again, thank you Manny for the very good review of  Debt Free Life Philippines.

Really, if you want to do something, it starts with a DECISION.

To our debt-free life,

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