Friday, June 10, 2011

3 Practical Steps to Getting Out of Credit Card Debt


I like what I saw the other day on Channel 5's  SAPUL SA SINGKO morning show. They have a segment dedicated to FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND MONEY. The hosts were Amy Perez and Chinky Tan, author of "Till Debt Do Us Part".  
Money, to most of us, is a vital commodity. Without money, you'll have a hard time making things happen. Without money, you can't pay your basic bills like electricity, water, telephone and other equally important bills. With money, you can do a lot of things including helping people in their time of need.

So there I was, a bit sleepy coming out of a restful night, when I switched the TV on to SAPUL and saw Chinky Tan reading the letter of a sender who was asking help on how to be financially free and how to eliminate her mounting credit card debt. I really appreciate Sapul sa Singko for including this segment because I believe it will help a lot of people get out of credit card debt.

Here are 3 practical steps they advised the letter sender:
1. Don't pay the MINIMUM AMOUNT  DUE only. TRIVIA: it will take you 36 years to fully pay your credit card debt if you pay the minimum amount due ONLY. Doesn't look good isn't it? Pay more than the minimum amount due!

2. Don't use your credit card to purchase new items, specially BIG Ticket items like appliances (TV, ref, washing Machine, etc.). USE CASH to buy anything you need. (if I may add, if you want to buy big ticket items, save money for it and buy it only when you have saved for it)

3. Look for additional INCOME to increase your earnings. Your income should always be greater than your expenses. Chinky Tan says: don't over-spend (cause of debt). It's time to get out of debt by under-spending.

To your debt-free life,

P.S. Be wise! Commit to a budget and stick with it.

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