Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It Pays To Be Financially Literate

I teach Work Ethics And Values to our OFWs bound for Japan. Most, if not all, needs help in the area of finance. They can earn money with their skills but they don't know how to make it grow. You know, how to make your money make more money.

I have learned a lot from my mentor, Bo Sanchez, since I joined his Truly Rich Club. Today, I can say that I have been blessed to learn how to invest in the stock market, the Truly Rich Club way. It was one of my major decisions, but I was happy that I made a decision to follow my mentor's advice. Today, I am able to impart these lessons to our OFWs.

You too can learn a lot. If you want to make your money make more money, you must try investing in the stock market. Truly Rich Club makes it easy to understand how to invest in stock market for you. If Bo's maid were able to invest, you too can.

Here's one of Bo Sanchez' article that will inspire you to consider investing and joining the Truly Rich Club. I hope you will learn and enjoy it.

Don’t Be Too Intelligent
This is classic.
Last week, I was introduced to two guys, both friends serving in Light of Jesus, both members of the
TrulyRichClub, and both investing in the stock market.

Guy A was an old hand in the stock market world. Eight years before joining the TrulyRichClub, he was already trading. His success was spotty. Most were failures. But the trading bug is a hard habit to kick. So even when he was already introduced to our way of investing, he didn’t follow it totally. More like half-half. Fifty percent of his money was invested our way using SAM. And 50 percent of his money was used to buy exciting penny stocks—something I’ve ALWAYS been warning people never to get into.

On the other hand, Guy B was a total neophyte in the stock market. Would never have touched it by a
10-foot pole had it not that his preacher (me!) kept talking about it. So for one year now, he’s been diligently investing using our system. Because he didn’t feel as “intelligent” and “savvy” as Guy A in the stock market, Guy B just followed what I told him to buy.

Result? Guy A got burned in his penny stocks. Thankfully, his SAM Stocks did well—and he broke even last year. His score? Zero percent. Guy B however grew his money by 25 percent last year. He’s very happy.

I urge you: Don’t be too intelligent. Don’t wander away thinking you’re better, wiser, and luckier.
Just follow.

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

You are only a click away from entering a world of infinite possibilities. Why not explore and see for yourself what it means to be truly rich indeed!

To your bright future,

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