Friday, April 26, 2013

How Can You Benefit From The Exuberant Stock Market

This is the best thing that happened to the Philippines! Our economy is growing and the stock market is exuberant. Yesterday it hit pass the 7000 mark!

So what's in it for you and me? You must not let this opportunity pass you by. How? Learn and be informed, that's how.

I made it a point to learn. We never stop learning isn't it. I became a member of Truly Rich Club and I am now being mentored by no less than Bo Sanchez.

You to can learn and benefit from the improving economy of our country. You are just a click away from it right now.

I am printing an article by Bo Sanchez. We receive this from him on a regular basis, as members of the Truly Rich Club. I know you will learn from this. Enjoy reading and let's learn together.

“Is This Irrational Exuberance?”
Yesterday, after I gave my talk, a man from the audience came up to me with a very worried look on his face. He explained that he was a member of the TrulyRich Club but had previous experience in the stock market.
He said, “Bo, I’m worried. The stock market has gone up so high already. Isn’t it time to sell? I’ve never seen anything like it… The giddy atmosphere is like 2007 just before the crash—when the stocks were at an all time high. What experts called Irrational Exuberance…”
“I understand you,” I said, “because I sometimes feel a bit scared too. But whenever I do, I simply call up my mentor—who’s seen it all—38 years of peaks, valleys, bulls and bears. And he tells me that so far, it’s not irrational exuberance. He says it’s rational exuberance.”
He smiled. “I’ve never heard that before…”
We’re Long-Term Investors
“Neither have I. My mentor says this is what is happening today. Our giant companies are doing well and profits are coming in. There are a bunch of investors who are sharing in the profits—and I’m happy to say that TrulyRich Club members are part of this group. But the short-term traders have been burned by the basura stocks last year. They lost so much money. In the meantime, foreign money is coming in every day.”
“So this crazy ascent will last for a couple of years more?”
“We don’t have a crystal ball. And yes, a correction may happen. If more bad things happen in the US,
Europe, and China, you can be sure that our stocks will be affected. It can go down for brief periods of time. But I’m not worried…”
“Because we’re not a short-term trader. I think short-term traders should be worried. In fact, I think they
should sell now. But we’re long-term INVESTORS. We don’t mind a dip. We’ll be delighted if the stock market goes down. Because we’ll be buying at cheaper prices. But whether or not it goes down is not our problem. We simply have to buy our gigantic companies every month, as long as they’re below our buy-below price.”
The man thanked me. “I think I now understand our philosophy here at the TrulyRich Club. Sorry, my past experience in the stock market sometimes get in the way…”
“That’s normal…”
“And to think that before I started following your strategies, I was losing money using my strategies!”
“You’ve learned your lesson. Remain faithful to SAM.”
And that’s the same encouragement I give to you today.
Just do the same boring stuff we always do…
Happy investing!

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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