Friday, August 17, 2012

5 Things to Never Keep In Your Wallet

I used to think that I need to keep all stuffs in my wallet. Credit cards, ATM cards or Debit Cards, Driver's License, SSS card, etc. I am now of the opinion that it is better to have them all in my wallet just in case I need them, I have access to them right away. Right? Wrong!
Yes, I have realized that if I lost my wallet containing all these important stuff, I am in big trouble. Imagine calling all the credit card companies and canceling the cards to protect it from the thieves? That's just one problem. What about my SSS number? If thieves can access it, they can apply for a credit card in your name and make costly purchases in your name! Whoaaa!!!

So, I came to the conclusion that you should not carry the following in your wallet:

1. Your Social Security Card. SSS or GSIS card... and anything with number on it. Medicare card, Pag-ibig card, Philhealth and anything with number on it, it is better not to keep it in your wallet. Bring them only when you need it on that particular day. Be sure to have a photocopy of each of these cards and keep them in a safe place at home or in your office.

2. Spare Keys. A lost wallet containing your home address and a spare home or car key is an invitation for the burglar to do more harm than just opening a new credit card account. Instead, keep your spare key in a safe place in your office or a relative or trusted friend. It may take a little while to retrieve it but it's better that exposing your home to danger.

3. Blank Checks. The information on the check like your bank account number can expose you to electronic fraud. Carry on checks that you need and leave the checkbook at home.

4. Passport. This is the favorite of I.D. thieves. They can do a lot with it including travelling in your name and even opening a bank account. For travelers, carry only a photocopy of your passport and leave the original in your hotel lockbox.

5. Multiple Credit Cards. I am guilty of this. The more card you carry, the more calls you'll make to cancel these cards if your wallet is stolen or lost. Carry only one card for unplanned or emergency purchases.

Removing these stuffs from your wallet will lighten it and reduce the risk of stolen I.Ds. When you've done removing these, take a moment photocopying everything you've left inside, front and back. Put them in a secure place so that when you know what's inside your wallet in the rare event that it is lost.

Uhmmm. I like the idea of carrying only what I need in my wallet. Now I can use my smaller wallets.

Isn't that another step to reducing personal risks?


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