Thursday, January 19, 2012

7 Worthy Resolutions To Commit To In 2012

Hi there. I have been away for a while. Japan is now in winter season. Visited our Filipino workers around Takamatsu in Kagawa-ken. It has been a fruitful monitoring. Just by seeing them and being where they work, brings joy and refreshing to these precious people.
Together with the industrious lady welders in Takamatsu
At the highest point in Tsuda, Kagawa-ken
With the lady Chicken Choppers
On my way back home last January 17 on PR 407, I was reading an article on the Philippine Star. This particular article caught my attention because it speaks to retirees, of which I am within its zone!
Took this photo at the Kansai Airport on arrival
But I believe the resolutions mentioned by AP can be applied to younger ones too. The author mentioned Seven (7) resolutions for retirees in 2012.

Although I can go on retirement mode, I made a conscious decision not to retire yet because I feel that my best days are still ahead of me. There's no time to stop doing what I am called to do.

Now, let me give you my take on this article.

First of the resolutions mentioned is the call to get disciplined about money matters. The best way to do this is to set up a formal budget and stick to it. Being thrifty without a plan only goes so far when unexpected expenses arise, especially at an age when health care costs can start to mount. How true this is.

Attack your debt. The top priority is to pay off credit card debt. After the card is zeroed out, use only one card and pay off the balance monthly. If an emergency expense leads to a balance, don't let it linger or it will erode retirement savings. Having only one credit card is a very practical suggestion indeed.

The other resolutions include:
1. Invest in dividends-paying stocks
2. Get your estate plan in order
3. Be more generous
4. Check into long-term care insurance possibilities

The last one is especial to me: Stretch your body and mind. The author says we need to choose daily pursuits that keep you physically, mentally and socially engaged. Physical activity helps us to live longer, feel better, depression free and keeps our mental skills sharp. I take physical exercise as a necessity for my body that's why I play badminton and brisk walk at least three times a week.

I can't help but notice the mental sharpness of Justice Cuevas and Senator Enrile in the current impeachment trial of CJ Corona. They are in their 80s yet they are still sharp as ever. This is also the main reason why I blog!

What about you? Do you feel you can use these resolutions for 2012?

To our debt-free life,

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