Sunday, August 07, 2011

Why Many Leave for Employment Overseas

Let me tell you what I've learned during my 3-day Pre-Departure Orientation Trainer's Training conducted by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).
This is my group, WINNER. That's me on the left. 

The number one reason why Filipinos leave for employment overseas: 
They have no work, they have no money.
Walang Pera (No Money), Walang Trabaho (No Work)

The number two reason why Filipinos leave for employment overseas:
For the welfare of the family which includes the education of their children.

It is a sad story. If only they can land a good job here, they will not leave anymore. Did you know that if you are earning about P15,000 a month, it is not enough to sustain the expenses of a family of five? Did you know that the National Statistics considers you "poor" if you fall into this category? In most cases, they end up wallowing in debt to make both ends meet. 

No wonder it is the number one reason that they do all they can to leave the country and work overseas.
Chance for migration. They want to go to the land of milk and honey.

That's also the reason why we need to teach them how to save money when they work overseas. 

I hope we can do more to help them get out of debt and live comfortably.


P.S. Many have suggested that we teach them how to start a small business. But based on my experience, to many of these overseas workers, that is the last thing on their minds. If you have any suggestion(s), I would love to hear it so we can impart it to them. They need all the help we can give.

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