Saturday, May 07, 2011


Lately, I have been discussing with my “friends” about the possibilities of adding new streams of income. The reason behind this is obviously the need for more money to pay off a lot of things, including mounting DEBTS.
Lately, I met someone who earns P60,000 a month just working at home! She works as a virtual assistant or VA to those of us that are techies. Her income is a lot better than many of those working in Makati offices. She will be moving to her own apartment. She is misunderstood by her family because she works in the evening. She does book reviews. Compared to those working as employees, her income is a lot higher and better! No traffic, no office politics, and no uniforms.
My friends, some of whom are full time moms and employees, became interested when I told them about Jomar Hilario’s Manila VA Seminar. They are inspired by stories of people earning even if they stay home as Virtual Assistants. Jomar says, when you're at home, you'll rediscover your real joys, your family and your own time.
You can change and improve your finances by adding a new stream of income as a virtual assistant working on your free time or at home. Today you can make that choice! Join Jomar’s Manila VA Seminar this coming May 28, 2011.

To your debt-free life,

P.S. If you want a change in your income, one sure way is to sign up right away for the Manila VA Seminar. Limited seats, I understand. 

Discounted Fee: P 2,375/$ 53 pay on or before May 18,2011 
Normal Fee: P 2,675, pay on or before May 27,2011
Walk In Fee: Pay on Tue, May 28,2011 is P 2,975

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