Friday, March 11, 2011


The first time I applied for a credit card, I went through a rigid process called “credit investigation”. During those days, the credit card company will make sure that you are capable of paying them. So, they ask you a lot of things regarding your income, your billing statements, the house you live in and many more. And do you know what? The process takes time, so you have to wait for their approval. Credit cards in those days were precious commodities. When approved, you feel like you’ve won in a lottery.

Today, with so much competition, the credit card companies are giving away the credit cards. They just mail it to you and all you have to do is receive it, sign it and you’re in. Others set up a booth in malls and offer their cards to anyone who especially if you’re an existing card user. So easy!
So, here you are with your new credit card and you start using it. The problem comes when the bill starts arriving every month. Today, many use the card as if that is their money. They forget that credit cards are used for convenience purposes. It means you have money but instead of paying cash you use your card so you won’t have to carry cash anymore. You pay on time when the bills come.

Do you know that the credit card companies don’t like it when you pay on time? They love it when you default on your payments because they earn from the interest charges and late payment penalties. They also have the “minimum amount due”, which means you can pay the "suggested" amount and worry about the principal later. So you end up with mounting debts! And here’s the thing, the interest is compounded monthly!

If you’re in this rut, let me tell you there’s a solution to your problem.

I came across Sha Nacino, through Trace Trajano. I’ve joined his Buy Your First real Estate Deal club. Trace co-authored a book with Sha that will help you get out of debt. Sha used to be in debt from using her credit card. The good thing was she saw the problem and she made a decision to do something about it, thus the book.

Here’s the nice thing about it. They are giving you a FREE chapter on how to pay-off our debts in one year or less. Wow, isn’t that good news?

To your debt-free life,
Jimmy Ching

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