Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Simple Ways to Erase Debt

I used to owe a lot of people and credit card companies. I was deep and wallowing in debt. I had a good job, driving my own car yet deep in debt. I didn’t know how to manage my money. I was loose.
Then one day, I received a demand letter from a law office, threatening me to pay or else? Being a young, I didn’t know how to handle the threat. I felt like it was a shock treatment. I learned my lesson. I decided to do something about my debt. I talked to the credit card company manager and asked for practical way to pay my debt. Yes, slowly but surely I was paying and getting out of debt.

I learned to prioritize my expenses. It was like starting all over again. Somebody taught me how to budget. It was simple but effective. I used a simple system called the “envelope” system. Each time I received my pay, I put money on each envelope, starting with “debt payments” envelope then the rest. My life changed. I cut down on self-indulgent activities and stuck to my budget.
When I got married, the first thing we did was to make a budget. My wife, my lovely wife, Maritess and I agreed to have a budget and stuck with it. I got out of my credit card debt. So, it was a good start!

Today, we still work on a budget. We do this at the start of the year. We review it at the middle of the year and assess it at the end of the year.

Here are 5 simple ways to erase your debt:
1.        Decide you want to get out of debt.
2.        Do something about it. Contact all creditors, honestly relate your problems, and arrange an equitable repayment plan. Creditors love it when you talk to them sincerely. And you know what? They will agree with your repayment plan.
3.        Destroy all credit cards. Buy on a cash basis, and sacrifice your wants and desires until you are current.
4.        Make a budget. Establish a payment schedule and allocate at least 5% of your income for debt payments.
5.       Stick with your budget. If the expense is not in the budget, do not proceed. Be disciplined.

Yes, discipline is an integral part of this debt-free process.  My coach in “Vertical Leap”, Al Hollingsworth, defined Discipline as “delayed gratification”.
Why stay in bondage to your debt? You can live a debt-free life now. Just make a decision!

To your debt-free life,
Jimmy Ching

P.S. This year, instead of focusing on not getting into debt, I decided to increase my income by creating additional income stream. I have joined Jomar Hilario’s “The O.nline Mentoring Club”. He’s helping me make money online.. right now! Jomar is one of the Philippines' foremost online business guru. He has helped a lot of people become internet entrepreneurs. What I am learning from Jomar, I wish I did when I was younger. But, the good thing is you can always start anytime you decide to do something about your situation. Today I am being mentored by one of the best in online business guru. How about you?

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