Friday, October 28, 2011

Some Practical Ways To Reduce Debt

This is a bit simple. I found out that we can actually reduce our expenses by using the "zero waste" concept.
I am clearing the vermi compose 
I came to know of this concept when my wife and I, my daughter Nica, our friends Mon and Elvira together with their children went to attend a week of seminar at Semilya Sa Kinabuhi in Bukidnon. This seminar was different. The mornings were dedicated to working in the field, which includes watering the vegetable gardens, cleaning the environment, vermiculture, etc. After lunch, we go to our class. We learned a lot from this one week of stay at Semilya.
Nica, Maritess and me enjoying our work of selecting our harvest of stringbeans to be sold at the market

Maritess and I, preparing early for work at the farm

Before we left for home, we toured Mt. Moriah, a lettuce farm owned by Dodong Cacanando. Dodong is also the President of Semilya. Mt. Moriah is one of the biggest supplier of lettuce to Mc Donalds.
Me and Maritess having a taste of how to harvest the lettuce
Me at Moriah Farm

At Mt. Moriah, they implement the "zero waste" concept. Simply put, they use whatever they can from what they have instead of buying these. Case in point is the catch basin for the waste of their piggery farm. Instead of using "iron" they used bamboo as the material. They are also using the pig's waste as their fertilizer. In this way they save a lot of money!

What do you think this will do to our budget if we put this concept in our homes? I can think of one example: instead of buying vegetables, why not plant them in your backyard? Okra, Camote tops, Kangkong are a some example. We have a pumpkin garden where we source its leaves as our veggy. We also have Malunggay, the leaves of which are a great source of nutrients.. for free.

Simple things like this contribute to reducing our debt as we use whatever we have instead of buying them outright.

What else can you think of? Why not share it with us?

To your debt-free life,

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