Monday, July 11, 2011

You Spend more when You're Emotionally Empty

Manila has a lot of Shopping Malls, big malls. The biggest so far is SM's Mall of Asia located in Pasay City. In Quezon City, where I live, we have many big and newer malls: the expanded SM City North, the new Trinoma Mall, and the Gateway Mall at the Araneta Center in Cubao, Quezon City (shown below) among others.

World Class Shopping
People I know from the US and even in Canada envy our malls. Last week, I was in Guam on a business trip. Their biggest mall is The Micronesia Mall, owned by our very own Lucio Tan. They say that half of Guam is now owned by Mr. Tan. But you know what? Their Micronesia Mall is nothing compared to our malls.

But here's the thing. If you go to the malls, most likely you will spend at least a hundred pesos, on anything your eyes will see. The malls are designed to attract you and your wallet! Every floor area were conceived and designed to catch your attention for you to buy.

My piece of advise: stay away from the mall, specially if you are emotionally empty. Experience tells us that people who are emotionally void or troubled, tends to spend more to fill in that emptiness. I have a friend who goes out to malls or MacDonalds to eat every time he is stressed.
It is easy to swipe the credit card when you want to buy something you actually don't need, specially if you have no cash, in order to fill in a void in your life.

Just a thought while I was answering an email today.

Hope it helps to make us debt-free,


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